The Perfect Weed Brownie Recipe

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When making ‘marijuana edibles’, you don’t just throw the marijuana buds into the food and chow down, believe it or not. The THC (tetra-hydro-cannibol – the main active ingredient in marijuana) must first be extracted into a butter or oil

Survey: 58 Percent Of Americans Say Treat Marijuana Like Alcohol


By Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director Nearly 60 percent of Americans support regulating cannabis in a manner similar to alcohol, according to an analysis of over 450,000 online responses collected by the online polling data company CivicScience over a nearly

Will Alaska, Oregon, And DC All Legalize Marijuana In 2014?


By Phillip Smith Labor Day has come and gone, and the 2014 election is now less than two months away. Marijuana legalization initiatives are on the ballot in two states — Alaska and Oregon — and the District of Columbia.

Workers’ Compensation To Cover Medical Marijuana In New Mexico


According to the Courthouse News Service, medical marijuana recommended by a physician for an injured patient’s pain must be paid for by the patient’s employer and insurer, the New Mexico Court of Appeals ruled. Despite marijuana’s federal classification as a

Chile To Start Growing Medical Marijuana

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Marijuana reform is sweeping across South America. Even before Uruguay legalized recreational marijuana, momentum to legalize medical marijuana in the region was growing. Chile recently announced that it has approved it’s first medical marijuana farm to grow marijuana for research.

Help Investigate Anti-Marijuana Crusaders

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Something stinks in Oregon. Marijuana opponents likely have broken election laws. The only way to know for sure is to get public records, which is not a cheap thing. Valued contributor to The Weed Blog Russ Belville is investigating elections

Baltimore Police Publicly Sodomize Man During Drug Search


I just read a horrific story out of Baltimore, where a man was cavity searched during a drug search, during which no drugs were found. This is a story that every drug war supporter should be forced to read and

International Cannabis Business Conference Is This Weekend


The International Cannabis Business Conference starts tomorrow in Portland, Oregon. If you are trying to get into the cannabis industry, or are already in the cannabis industry and want to network with the best people in the industry, you should

Oregon Marijuana “Education” Only Occurs When Marijuana’s On The Ballot

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Help us fight the use of public funds to defeat marijuana legalization in Oregon – donate to today! My colleague Jennifer Alexander has been doing incredible work digging through the internet archives to expose so-called community education on marijuana for what is

How To Quickly Dry Your Marijuana Plants


For those who who can’t wait and need a quick method to dry your marijuana plants you should hang them upside down in a dark room and increase the temperature in the room to more than 90% Fahrenheit (about 32%