Jilly Bean Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

Jilly Bean Cannabis Strain Review And Pics Like the name implies, the Jilly Bean marijuana strain is a sweet, fruit flavored bud that tastes like a mix of jellybeans and pineapple. The Jilly Bean marijuana strain is a mostly indica variety of

Marijuana Opponent In Charge Of Implementing Oregon Marijuana Legalization

The battle for marijuana reform is never over, even after a state votes to legalize marijuana. Oregon is a great example of that. Yes, the biggest part of the fight was won when Oregon Measure 91 was approved by voters

Most Republicans In Congress Don’t Want To Stop DC Marijuana Legalization

It didn’t take long after the historic marijuana legalization victory in Washington D.C. before people turned their attention to Congress because Congress has a say in how things moved forward. Would Congress trample on the will of the voters and

Oxford Dictionaries Word Of The Year Is ‘Vape’

Vape pens are very popular right now, both inside and outside of the marijuana world. Everywhere I go I see people puffing on vape pens. I always wonder how many people are using vape pens for tobacco, or how many

The Marijuana Industry Needs To Do A Better Job Of Supporting Marijuana Reform

Something that has always bothered me, and that I’ve always been very vocal about, is that too many marijuana business owners and executives don’t do enough to support marijuana reform. They make large sums of money, but when they are

Oregon Cities To Lobby Legislature To Allow Local Marijuana Taxes

Oregon is a wacky place when it comes to public policy, and marijuana policy is no exception. For a long time medical marijuana dispensaries operated basically freely even though medical marijuana dispensaries were illegal. Then the Oregon Legislature legalized medical

Colorado Marijuana Edible Rules Will Be A Hot Topic Next Legislative Session

A meeting was held yesterday in Colorado to try to determine new rules for marijuana edibles. That meeting didn’t result in anything meaningful, and the group tasked with creating new regulations decided to instead offer up various recommendations to the

Hash Art Contest To Be Held

I have seen a lot of hash art pictures buzzing around social media lately. Some of the sculptures people are making are fantastic, so fantastic that it almost seems like a shame to have to destroy them on a dab

Saturday Night Live Spoofs New York Marijuana Reform

It is very hard to blend comedy and marijuana. Most of the time, it’s just Cheech and Chong jokes and jabs involving potato chips. This last weekend Saturday Night Live spoofed the recent reforms in New York City, where simple

Eric Holder Still Tries To Dodge Marijuana Rescheduling Questions

When United States Attorney General Eric Holder announced that he was stepping down, he also stated that he was ‘open’ to the idea of rescheduling marijuana. This led to many marijuana media outlets, activists, and organizations to shower Holder with